May 30

It’s Time to Go Boating

Spring is here and a lot of people are preparing their boats making sure they are in good working order for the summer season or maybe their buying a new or used boat.  Did you know that everyone age 16 years and older who wants to drive a motorboat on New Hampshire waters, must have a Boating Education Certificate?  I found this out last year when a very good friend of mine said I could vacation at his lake house in New Hampshire for a week and use his 21 foot boat with a 75 horsepower motor.  I was very excited as well as my family to know that we would be able to do some tooling around the lake as well as  water skiing and tubing.  However, I did not have my New Hampshire Boater Safety license.  My next step was to find out how I could obtain this license as soon as possible as the vacation was in a few weeks.  The online course fee is $34.50 and you can charge it on a credit card.  There are 6 units to the online course that has some video in each part that must be watched in its entirety, usually less than 3 minutes long but I found that because there is a timer on each slide, you cannot skip ahead quickly in the information.  Anyhow, after each unit is completed you have to take an exam that you must pass with at least 70% answered correctly or it will not let you continue onto the next unit.  After you pass all 6 units there is a final exam that you must also pass with at least an 80% grade.  Now you may think you are done, but not yet!  You now have to schedule an in-house exam that I was able to take in Portsmouth.  The exam was about an hour long.  I received an 86% passing grade and the administrator provided me with a temporary license and in about 10 days, I received my permanent license.  The whole process of study and taking exams was about 12 to 15 hours.  Was it worth it?  You bet it was!  My family and I had a blast that week up on Merry Meeting Lake, enjoying all sorts of water sports.  Here is the website that you can find out how you can pass this course www.boat-ed.com/New Hampshire.  Here’s wishing you a safe and happy boating season.

Geoffrey Merrill, Vice President

Tobey & Merrill Insurance


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